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Experiencing a Total Solar Eclipse

Author: Chris Benson; Early this year, I read an article about the total solar eclipse that would cross the continental United States on August 21st. I'd never given much thought to eclipses and have nothing more than a passing interest in astronomy, but the rarity of the event piqued my interest and I started to read more.

Lessons on Life and Money From Costa Rica

Author: Chris Benson - I just got back from an amazing 10 night family vacation in Costa Rica. My wife and I had previously visited the country for our honeymoon but this time we went with our two boys (4 and 15) and my parents. It might not have been quite as relaxing this time around, but it was still a great experience. A few stories from our trip helped reinforce some important lessons to me about money and life, so I thought I'd share them.

Investing in Style - 2Q 2017 Market Review

Author: Chris Benson - Reading the news headlines in 2017 might have you wondering if the world is coming to an end. We’ve seen daily presidential tweetstorms, endless Russian investigations, terrorist attacks in London, North Korean missile testing and we still don’t have new health care legislation or a tax reform bill. And yet the world economy and global investment markets have continued to shrug off all the bad news to march steadily higher.

Never Stop Learning

Author: Chris Benson - I'm often asked why we are willing to put so much of our time, energy and money into speaking and attending conferences. The reason is that everything I put in has always come back to me tenfold in the knowledge I take away, connections I make, and ideas I hear for improving the services we provide our clients. I am a firm believer that it's important to never stop learning and to constantly challenge your existing beliefs with new information.

Planning In Retirement

Author: Lyle Benson - Helping clients transition into and through retirement will be critical to the success of financial planning practices in the coming years. We provide a valuable service as many of our clients move into this phase of their lives. For our clients, managing the spend-down phase is very different on many levels than the accumulation phase. It is important for us to understand this also as we work with clients in this area.