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Worries Over High Stock Market Valuations

By: Chris Benson, We are about to hit the 8 year anniversary of the depths of the financial crisis. Financial professionals like to argue about when the current bull market really started and whether it has actually been through some mini-recessions over that time, but I think everyone can agree it's been a great 8 years to be a US stock investor. As with any extended period of good times there is always that lingering fear among many investors that things can't stay this way forever.

Planning for Uncertainty in 2017

By: Lyle Benson, I have the pleasure of being part of the CCH Estate and Financial Planning Advisory Board, a group of national leaders in the field that meet several times a year to discuss issues of importance to our clients. We had a call last week, specifically talking about the impact of the new administration on our clients’ financial situations. Here are some of the major discussion points from that call.

Tax Season 2017

By: Chris Benson, It's time to start working on your 2016 tax returns and there are some changes this year we wanted to share with you. First I'll cover some of the new features we are working on to help make filing your taxes a little easier this year...

Websites and Apps I use on a Regular Basis

By Chris Benson, I am constantly testing new websites or apps that I think might somehow make my life a little easier. Most of the time I find they don't live up to the promise and delete or stop using them. But every once in a while I discover something that ends up being a huge time saver. I thought it might be helpful to share some of my favorites with you and maybe you'll find something equally useful...

4th Quarter 2016 Market Review

By: Chris Benson, We preach the benefits of diversification on a regular basis. We tell you not to put all your money in one stock or one asset class because nobody knows what will happen in the future. Unfortunately holding a diversified portfolio isn’t always easy.