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L.K. Benson & Company is Proud to Announce...

Parents take great pride in the accomplishment of their children. Often children follow a dream quite unlike that of their parents; to see your son take a career path similar to your own generates a great deal of pride. To be able to work side by side with your child in your chosen profession on a daily basis is a blessing. To also see him take a lead in the profession you have worked so hard to build is icing on the cake!

L. K. Benson & Company is excited to announce that Chris Benson has become a shareholder in the firm. Chris and I have spent a lot of time in the past few years thinking about the future of the firm, how we can improve our services, and help the firm evolve. Over the nine years he has been with L.K. Benson & Company, Chris has evolved into a very skilled CPA Financial Planner. He works well with clients assisting them with all aspects of their personal financial planning. Chris also focuses on how we can make the firm more efficient by keeping us on the cutting edge of technology and technical expertise. This role has been challenging at times since it is easy to become comfortable with the status quo….change is hard!

We have built long lasting relationships with our clients and (in many cases) with their children. I want to make sure the firm will continue to serve these clients and provide an opportunity for our staff to grow as well. Having a plan in place, if something were to happen to me, is an important step that we accomplished this year. We are also gradually transitioning more of the aspects of the leadership of the firm over to Chris. This will continue in the coming years, but I am not planning to retire anytime soon! I really enjoy what we do with clients and the leadership role we have taken in the CPA Financial Planning profession.

When I started the firm, over 23 years ago, my goal was to provide top notch service in the areas of personal financial planning, investment advisory services, and tax planning and compliance to individuals and families. We have strived to do that over the years and our success is directly attributed to our clients, friends of the firm, and our wonderful staff who have helped us grow.

We have tried to create a work environment where everyone feels like part of the “family” and while we all work very hard, we enjoy spending time together and enjoy working with our clients. Hopefully our clients feel that “professional camaraderie” as they deal with various members of our team.

There will not be any substantial changes to the way our firm works or the way we serve you. This will be a gradual transition and Chris is already heavily involved in the day to day operations of the firm and serves in a lead role with many of our clients. He will continue to take on more responsibilities and handle more client relationships, but I will still be here, and we will work together to build our firm of the future. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients and enhance the services we provide while still maintaining a workplace environment that we all can enjoy for many years to come.

-Lyle K. Benson, Jr., CPA, PFS, CFP

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